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Inner Space - Yoga with Craig

Inner Space, release tension through yoga and mindful movement

Monthly sessions on Sunday mornings 11.00 - 12.25

What if you could go ‘inside’ and learn to sense your body moving from a place of real attention and calm? and what if, you could release unnecessary tensions from there and allow your body express itself in yoga? - without pushing or pulling.

My yoga focusses on letting the body open, soften and take support from the ground better. In this class you will work mindfully to sense spaces and connections inside your body to release tightness and free your joints, to experience a lightness and subtlety of movement you didn’t think was possible - 

it feels amazing..

The classes are suitable for all levels and mobilities - beginners are welcome. It’s £10 to drop in, or buy a class card for reduced rates.

Forthcoming Sundays:-  30/10/16,  4/12/16,  15/1/17,  12/2/17,  12/3/17